Why I drive a Caravan

308 × 164​I’ve been able to drive any vehicle I choose at Kingston Dodge over the last 20 years (within reason). People often ask me which Chrysler Vehicle do I prefer to drive? In which I answer that I personally have been driving a Dodge Grand Caravan for about 20 years. People respond very similarly by asking, ‘Why do I want to drive a “soccer-mom” vehicle and not get something snazzy or sporty?’ and I do love a sporty vehicle and would love to drive a Jeep Wrangler or a Jeep Cherokee. But my practicality tends to win over and I like the versatility that the Dodge Caravan offers. If my kids or our friends need to car pool, I’ve got the seats for it. If I need to take one of my son’s to move into university, I’ve got the space for him and his stuff.  We have a long driveway (half a mile) and I find with good winter tires it’s actually as good as a four-wheel drive. When we go on vacation as a family, all of our suitcases fit in and we can travel easily together as a family of five. As well, I love the “stow and go” seats, which free up space with the ease of a few pulls. My kids are getting older and I’m wavering on trying a new vehicle just for fun. I’ll keep you updated on the blog here how that goes but my first love has always been and will be the practical and functional Dodge Caravan.

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