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  • Thomas Parks
    Service Manager
    6135498900 Ext 226

  • Peter
    Service Advisor
    613-549-8027 ext 225

    When you pull into Kingston Dodge's service drive through you will find me waiting to inspect your vehicle and advise you how to keep it in tip-top condition!

    The experience I bring to the table is second to none. I have been a Service Writer here for the past 28 years and the 6 years previous to that I worked in the Body Shop and as the Service Dispatcher. Yes, (although I might not look it!) I have been at Kingston Dodge for the past 31 years in total. At times I can honestly say I feel like a piece of the furniture!! In fact, I believe I've even been here longer than most of the furniture!

    Although I love working with all the staff here at Kingston Dodge I have to thank all the faithful customers who I have had the privilege to build relationships with over the years.

    If you're not already a Kingston Dodge customer and you feel strongly about receiving the best possible automotive service in town, just stop in and see for yourself what we have to offer!

  • Brenda
    Warranty Clerk
    613-549-8900 ext 232

    What can I say? Having worked at Kingston Dodge for the last30years it's started to feel more like a home than a place of work. However, it seems that with each additional year I add to my experience, my job requirements seemingly grow as well.

    My job as Warranty Administrator includes keeping the flow of work for our factory trained technicians flowing smoothly so your vehicle gets finished when promised. My colleagues and customers think of me as the "Go-to-Gal" and I find myself bombarded with questions on a daily basis.

    Outside of work I manage to keep busy with my family - my husband Claude, daughter Celine and son Etienne. When I do finally have some free time to myself, nothing beats a good jigsaw puzzle!

    So next time you happen to be in for service, don't be shy - poke your head in the service office door and say "hi" to the "Go-To-Gal".

  • Laura
    Appointment Coordinator
    613-549-8900 Ext. 248

  • Dan
    Automotive Technician

    Dan has been with Kingston Dodge Chrysler for 32 years. Dan's expertise is repairing the electrical components of your vehicle!

    Dan has completed 24 Chrysler courses so far in 2012.

    When Dan is not at work, he enjoys acrobatics and gymnastics

  • Floyd
    Automotive Technician

    Floyd has been employed with Kingston Dodge for 7 years.

    He has completed 50 Chrysler courses this year.

    When Floyd is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports.

  • Mike
    Automotive Technician

    Mike has been with Kingston Dodge for 20 years.

    He has completed 5 Chrysler courses so far this year.

    When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his 3 sons.

  • Todd
    Automotive Technician

    Todd has been with Kingston Dodge Chrysler for 31 years.
     He has completed 13 Chrysler courses this year.

    When Todd is not enjoying fishing, cards, darts or pool, he is spending time with his 2 daughters.

  • Scott
    Service Technician

  • Kurtis
    Quick Lube Technician

  • Tony
    Lot Manager/Detail Corrdinator

    I'm a pretty busy guy around here when it come to just about anything. Keeping the lot and cars clear of snow (which is no easy task with these winters), organizing the vehicles on the lot, and managing the detail technicians are just a few of my duties.

    I have been here at Kingston Dodge for over 9 years, working my way from a detail technician position to manager, I am proud to call this home.

    In my spare time I enjoy play golf, soccer and fishing.

    Stop me on the lot if you're at the dealership and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction of the vehicle or person you are looking for!

  • Cole
    Detail Coordinator

  • Lucas Wilson
    Detail Technician

  • Adam Sherbino
    Detail Technician