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Brenda Dupuis

Brenda Dupuis

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What can I say? Having worked at Kingston Dodge since 1987 it's started to feel more like a home than a place of work. However, it seems that with each additional year I add to my experience, my job requirements seemingly grow as well.

My job as Warranty Administrator includes keeping the flow of work for our factory trained technicians flowing smoothly so your vehicle gets finished when promised. My colleagues and customers think of me as the "Go-to-Gal" and I find myself bombarded with questions on a daily basis.

Outside of work I manage to keep busy with my family - my husband Claude, daughter Celine and son Etienne. When I do finally have some free time to myself, nothing beats a good jigsaw puzzle!

So next time you happen to be in for service, don't be shy - poke your head in the service office door and say "hi" to the "Go-To-Gal".